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‘Novum Eboracum’ Translations

It translates to New York, Rome, and Philadelphia, supposedly. I thought it was New York, but it said it also meant Rome and Philadelphia. Is this a problem, or am I wrong? I reported it and all like it.

August 29, 2019



Eboracum was a fort and later a city in the Roman province of Britannia. In its prime it was the largest town in northern Britain and a provincial capital. The site ultimately evolved into the present-day city York, occupying the same site in North Yorkshire, England. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eboracum

Eboracum - York
Novum Eboracum - New York


'Philadelphia' is 'Philadelphia', a name the Romans would have used to refer to the original one in Lydia. 'Rome' is 'Roma', which I think appears in the first or second skill (and is really pretty obvious).
If you are getting a drop-down hint that says 'Novum Eboracum' means anything other than New York, then it is certainly in error.


I know, but it said novum eboracum was correct for everything.


there is no sense to translate New York - because New York did not exist at latin-time. New York is New York . Perhaps i am alone with this.


You are right, but the question was if Novum Eboracum can be translated New York, Rome or Philadelphia. It can be translated only New York.


Well it said it could be translated as anything.

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