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Is that Latin (Duome)?

I am just curious to know. It doesn't show a flag or even say the language's name: https://duome.eu/la. It's quite obviously Latin. According to that chart, you people are fast! :0

Downvote, this post is worthless :)

GL! :D

August 29, 2019



It looks like it is not much people who conquered the tree so far. That's weird. I would expect that a lot of people here knows Latin well or at least good enough to pass the final checkpoint. (Like I did myself) Maybe polyglots doesn't spend time on Duo and they immerse into the language by some different way. I don't have any idea to get immersed into spoken Latin ;-)


It’s been some time since my elementary exposure to Latin. I’ve forgotten quite a bit. And, I tend to be busy with other things. I’m planning to take the course slowly. I don’t doubt I can remember at least half of everything the course teaches,I just choose to take the time to relearn some things, and to be honest, people who know a lot of Latin will not find the course to be all that helpful. It’s rather elementary.


And the owl is green. (Of course, it's hardly suprising that dumeo can't display one of the older, more elaborate owls with a scarf for a course that hatched too recently, but still ...)


Apparently, Duome has update to a golden owl with a red scarf and golden laurel logo by now. Much prettier!

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