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Just A Quick Question...

Hi all, I'm currently working really hard on learning Spanish, and I have a question.

Is it a good idea to learn Latin as well? (I am worried about mixing them up.)


EDIT: I tried Latin and found it interesting. I went back to Spanish lessons after doing some Latin ones, and it made me appreciate how lovely Spanish sounds!

I think I will do Latin when I get demotivated with my Spanish, then go back and appreciate the language more. :)

August 29, 2019



If you keep learning them both at the same time, you should be fine. You might find that they actually help each other, as a lot of the vocabulary is similar. Start with the Latin course, and then if you start mixing things up too much, then put that on hold and continue with Spanish. Good luck!


i learned english and french at the same time - i was told that the two languages will disturbe each other - and i will mix the languages - and it was not so -


That is reassuring. I think I will just dip my toes in and see where the origins of my native and target language come from. :)


So far, the only thing I get messed up is that I often want to use the Spanish verb ending -mos instead of the Latin -mus.

I'd say give it a try, especially since you are no longer a complete beginner in Spanish. If you notice that you get things mixed up, you can always drop Latin.


Thank you. :) I appreciate people addressing my concerns.

[deactivated user]

    Spanish derivate from latin, and portuguese, italian and french as well. It is a good idea learn it latin, it has a lot of similar vocabulary and pronuciation it's a kinda of easy. It'll help, but don't expect it does it a lot.

    Good luck!


    If you start mixing them some, maybe try taking a break inbetween, or doing each on different days.

    When I started French and Spanish I mixed them up a little, but it went away after a while.

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