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"Paterfamilias severus psittacum ebrium interficit."

Translation:The strict paterfamilias kills the drunk parrot.

August 29, 2019



Thus endeth the Duolingo Latin parrot saga. Requiescat in pace, Pscittace.


The odd recurring phenomenon of drunken parrots aside, why make paterfamilias only translatable by itself (and not something meaningful in English like 'head of the family'), while garum (the name of the condiment, it's a loanword from Ancient Greek γάρος) can only be translated as 'fish sauce'?


I once put "head of the household" and they accepted it. Type out your version carefully, report "my answer should be accepted," and if they approve of it, they will add it to possible translations. They usually accept it the same day, but it takes a few days before it starts working in the app or platform.


I think I saw the option to translate it as 'head of the family' yesterday, so maybe it's just random. I agree that you should be able to translate 'garum' as 'garum', though.


If you translate "garum" by "garum", "paterfamilias" is also the best "translation" for "paterfamilias". There are no equivalent for garum in modern days (fish sauce is a description, but not the unique name for this), it's the same for "paterfamilias".


Paterfamilias is meaningful in English, exactly like garum is meaningful, and samourai is meaningful.

You can describe the paterfamilias, head of the house, man of the house, or whatever, it's still far from the paterfamilias.

As the paterfamilias definition is: elder male of the house, having all the powers, even the power of killing one member of the family. ALL POWERS. It's the absolute king and master of the family + relatives (friends, slaves, cousins, etc...)

So, "head of the house", etc, are not exactly describing a paterfamilias, but gives a part of a description.

They added "garum" for "garum".

And they accept "head of the house" and "man of the house" in other sentence, so report if it's not accepted. But be aware that it's, by no way, an exact translation.

Do you think a modern "head of the house" could sell his children as slaves? The paterfamilias could, and it's included in the definition. It's a Roman law term. Do you translate islamic law terms in English, or do you keep the word when the concept doesn't exist? Do you translate Waliy/wali that is a term of the islam law? (It means "tutor of the wife"): this concept doesn't exist in non islamic law. Same for the Latin law. You can say "tutor of the wife", it's a partial description, it's still not the exact or legal term.


I wonder if "Man of the House" would be an accurate translation as well?


It's a good approximation: "The male family member who has the most responsibility for taking care of and making decisions about the household"

But it's still far from a real paterfamilias.


Wow, that escalated.


Yes, first people were just hitting them. Now they are killing them. I protest. If they have to kill pets, why not black cats, like in Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita?


...I just changed my mind about that book, I'm afraid I won't be able to read it despite my love for Bulgakov.


A reasonable response, given the prevalence of drunk parrots. Was it writing a song?


Wasted away again in Psittaville. Looking for my lost bottle of Garum.


Stop killing the drunk parrots! It's rude.


Why does Duolingo think about the poor parrots as drunken an evil being? These are wonderful birds!


Seriously, what is with Duo Latin and drunk parrots?


I... I wasn't expecting that.


The duolingo bird is gonna ❤❤❤❤ his entire life up.


Why does Duolingo think about the poor parrots as drunken an evil beings? These are wonderful birds!


So began, Drunk Parrot War has.


Interficit. How about uccidit?

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