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  5. "Di mana pelabuhan ini?"

"Di mana pelabuhan ini?"

Translation:Where is this harbor?

August 29, 2019



Hi Fred, here are a few thoughts. Labuh is a root from the original Malay term for Anchoring before the English/Dutch word was absorbed as "Jankar". Sometimes you still see it in active form's Berlabuh = Anchored/Docked/Berthed, Melabuh = Anchor (active) and Melabuhkan = Anchor (causative). Hence a Pe+Labuh+an is the noun associated with the process of anchoring/docking, quite literally an "Anchorage" or "Docking/Berthing Place" or just a port/small harbor


Ah, thanks so much, really useful! Think I get it more or less now. So I guess the root wasn't in the dictionary as it's not often used that way any more



  • The prefix pe- and the affix -an are used to form nouns

  • Pelabuhan means harbour

  • The root is labuh (adjective) which means anchored

  • Other words with this root: berlabuh (to anchor)


Weird, sounds like a rhetorical question. Why are you asking the whereabout of a port when you are there in the port already?


Maybe you are holding a map or a picture, you're pointing to it and you ask your friend: Di mana pelabuhan ini?.


Yes, that could happen. But without any context (ie holding a map), for sample sentence, it would be much better if we use "itu" instead of "ini".


Finding it hard to understand the general meaning of the pe-an structure, can anyone explain? Also, what is the root word here and what does it mean? In the dictionary I find labuh=fall.


Harbour and harbor are accepted. Lol


Harbour is the British English spelling while harbor is the American English spelling. Both correct. Also present in colour/color, neighbour/neighbor etc.


Yes, I know, but here in Duolingo, only accept harbor

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