Arabic lesson format

Cannot see any point in repeating a sound with only an English equivalent, we should be matching the Arabic forms to the sounds with the English equivalent for phonetic help.

August 29, 2019

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Unfortunately, the correct pronunciation of letters in Arabic is very difficult and complicated, because in Arabic there are several equivalents for some English letters, each with a separate pronunciation. For example for "Z" in English, there are four different equivalents in Arabic with different pronunciations (ز-ذ-ظ-ض). So the best way to learn the correct Arabic dialect is to listen to Arabic movies and to distinguish between similar letters. I have also seen in Duolingo, saying the pronunciations are often wrong and immature, and it can confuses who want to learn Arabic. Finally, don't forget that there are no following sounds in Arabic: g , tʃ , p , ʒ , v .

August 30, 2019
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