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  5. "a Moroccan and Lebanese wife"

"a Moroccan and Lebanese wife"

Translation:زَوْجة مَغْرِبِيّة وَلُبْنانِيّة

August 29, 2019



Id rather be able to use my keyboard instead choosing words


Does that mean the wife is of mixed descent, i.e. one Moroccan parent and one Lebanese parent? It's different from Moroccan-Lebanese which would be a Morocco born person who's a citizen of Lebanon.

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Frankly as an Arab myself, this sentence doesn't make much sense to me. I can understand it in two ways: a) the wife has dual citizenship, b) they might mean "a lebanese wife and a moroccan wife".
Personally, I don't really know whats the exact meaning here


Is this sentence referring to first and second wife?

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Not really. As an Arab myself, I also see it is non-sense and has no meaning without context.


This sentence is confusing. Should be taken out from this course. Another way is to add in "husband" into the sentence.

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