When do you use 많이 and 너무 separately, and when do you use them together?

I don’t understand the difference between these two. Sometimes sentences only use 너무 and sometimes they use 너무 많이. I get the general gist that they mean a lot or too much, but how do I know when to use both together or when to use just one?

August 29, 2019


the only similarity these two have is they are adverbs that indicate extent, 너무 is like "too" too sour, too loud, too complicated, too much.
and then 많이 is the extent itself. used by itself it just kind of says "a lot" a lot of reading, a lot of thinking, a lot of worrying.

the thing is you can put another adverb behind 많이, and that describes the extent.
많이 a lot
상당히 많이 quite a lot
너무 많이 too much
굉장히 많이 a whole ass ton
얼마나 많이 how much..
thats the pattern

August 29, 2019

thank you! it helped a lot

August 31, 2019
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