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  5. "They are strict."

"They are strict."

Translation:Illi sunt severi.

August 29, 2019



Why is Illi severi sunt marked wrong?


Ille, illa, illud is rather sth. far from the speaker (that, those). Here they use it like a normal personal pronoun. Wouldn't be is, ea, id better for that?


Some authors do indeed use them like personal pronouns. That's what they are trying to show you.


It's not wrong indeed, but not the same natural. In all my researches on Latin language (I must admit I research on Medieval Age, not Old Rome) I haven't seen this to be normal. Of course I am aware that is/ille/hic/ipse/... can be used like personal pronouns because Latin isn't actually needing them. But I think ille as a first choice for beginner is a bit strange. I don't want to be a "sophisticated corrector", my main question rather is: Is "ii sunt severi" in the Database and accepted in case I would have to translate? Also because I saw the normal use of ille (that) in this course.


Why you put illos as he or they

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