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  5. "We save mother."

"We save mother."

Translation:Matrem servamus.

August 29, 2019



isn't servire to serve and salvare to save???


This is not the verb servire (4th conjugation, -ire ending), it is the verb servare (1st conjugation, -are ending) which means to save, preserve, protect, keep, etc.


gratias maximas tibi ago!


When do we say Mater and when do we say Matrem?


Depends on whether "Mother" is the subject or object of the sentence; when she is doing the action, it's "Mater", when the action is done to her, it's "Matrem".


We help (serve) mother. Maybe we save her money


I don't think it was a good idea to introduce "Servo" and "Severus" in the same lesson. The words are too similar and its confusing, especially "Servamus". They did this in the earlier lesson too where it was Dormio and Domi.


I disagree. Resembling words not only add to our vocab but also train our attention skills. ☺️


After all this I have to ask: Is "to save" really the best translation of "servare"? The mental picture I get of this family and their environment is one with hazardous living conditions, where they are constantly getting into life-threatening situations and have to be saved by a family member. Please say it isn't like that!

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