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"Duae picturae sunt in aedificio."

Translation:Two pictures are in the building.

August 29, 2019



Are pictures or paintings?


Hi, why is the c in edificio pronounced as a voiced dental fricative [ð]? I thought it should be something like /k/


The current recording has /k/


'in aedificio' - is this dative or ablative? please explain its use here


It's ablative. Latin prepositions use either accusative or ablative, not dative.

In the case of "in," which can take either, you use ablative if the object is a location ("inside/within something") and accusative if it's a destination ("into something"). The building is just a location-- the pictures aren't going from outside to inside of it-- so we use ablative.


Do american pupils really learn such a pronounciation? ae should be pronounced like the German ä as you hear in Jack ,bag, not like I,as in light.


well, ä is probably the correct pronunciation in Classical Latin, but it must have been a diphthong in an earlier stage of the language, which is why is written with two letters


Asi lo escribí porque me sacó error? :l

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