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  5. "Quot culinas habetis?"

"Quot culinas habetis?"

Translation:How many kitchens do you have?

August 29, 2019



It's a besetting problem in just about all of the Duolingo courses I've engaged in that there are many Americans who object to "Have you got" as substandard and "Have you" as archaic, while there are speakers of British English who (less vocally -- after all, we are now minoritaires in the English-speaking world) for whom the "Do you have" formulation (except in the habitual sense: e.g. Do you have your breakfast in the kitchen?) will always sound markedly American. The course writers generally seem to start off from the American "position", and have to be tussled into accepting that there is more than one way of skinning a cat. It would be good if we could all accept from the outset that "Do you have a moment?", "Have you a moment?", and "Have you got a moment?" are all valid formulations and -- on this point -- learn to live and let live.


For everyone complaining that "how many kitchens have you?" be entered, not one person used the Report Button to suggest it. I just manually entered it, but if I hadn't seen this discussion I would never have known it was missing.

Please use the Report Button folks. Posting suggestions here is not helpful.


Interesting. I would have thought those forms without do are some modern colloquialisms, maybe even born from German speakers who don't speak proper English and bring German Grammar (again) into English. I think the English material I learned in school was supposed to be based on British English with coloUr and Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Heathrow and other London stuff but seems like English is after all more Germanic than i was told sometimes. I wouldn't mind a comeback of whither, thither, thou and ye too. :-D
Using Do in German "Tun" is possible in German too, but sounds terribly unnecessary in almost all cases for me.
Wieviele Küchen hast du? (apparently what you suggest)
Wieviele Küchen tust du haben? (what I thought the only correct English variant is supposed to look)
Wieviele Küchen tust du haben tun? (for the lolz since the previous version already sounds weird af in German to me and this isn't any worse anymore)


Today on Roman house hunters: A very demanding culinary enthusiast views the largest Villa just outside of Rome.


Perfect show lol


"How many kitchens have you" is surely acceptable.


As Danielconcasco says above, it now is accepted, so this is now a non-issue.

Additionally, even if it wasn't accepted, commenting here would achieve nothing. Using the report button is the only way to bring missing alternatives directly to the attention of the course contributors.

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