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"Gemmas et anulos in villa celo."

Translation:I hide gems and rings in the house.

August 29, 2019



'and rings' are missing from the word bank.


...and from the correct solution. Issue reported.


FYI: If "and rings" is still missing from anyone's answer, we are aware of the problem in the sentence and have already updated it, but sometimes it takes time for our corrections to appear on the user side.


cur discipulus moderatorae lingot dat?


I have noticed this speaker likes to elide words in speech. I'd love to know if the Romans did that...I know vowels at the end of a word elided into a vowel starting the next word, but this speaker will extend a consonant over a vowel: "et anulos" sounds like "et tanulos". Confusing at times for my ear.


...and I tell strangers all about it. (eyeroll)

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