Not quite sure where to post my opinions and questions so I'm doing it here.

Will Duo send out an email once it's out of Beta so that I can redo it either more correctly or practice again?

Where do I go from here? I actually have a pretty good source since the reason I wanted to do Arabic is that some of our closest friends are from Jordan. The issue there is that their kids don't read or write it. But I'd like to continue somehow, even if it's just five minutes of practice a day.

Greetings and phrases should be put in the beginning.

I'm finding the best way at least for me to learn is a more textbook way. Like learn groups first, numbers, seasons, days of the week, months of the year, time and phrases that go with it. Like learn locations, then "Where is..."

No tenses? There was only present tense.

This is no way a dis on Duolingo. I actually learned Italian enough to trace my family tree back an entire generation from one my aunt did in 1978.

I look forward to the Arabic once it's out of Beta!

August 29, 2019

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I think the kids don't read or write it because it is the dialect form (no dialect form of Arabic is an official language in the Arab world - not sure about Egypt though).
Anyway, check out the threads in this forum. Many users do use other websites for help (and I'm not sure about this but it seems they are better than Duolingo).

The kids were just never taught to read or write it is all.

Maybe you can try the books al medinah Arabic. There is a website with exercises and a course. You can download the pdf s from those books for free. You can also buy the books on internet. I have them now in arabic/ Dutch. But originally they are in English/ Arabic. The website is in English.And the course you can follow on YouTube and Muslim central .com for a mp3 course. It's a very good Arabic language course

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