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Hello all!

EDIT: I am not able to respond due to not being past level 2 - but to clarify, when I try to assign assignments I am able to get through choosing the time and date and even what the assignment is. But when I click "schedule assignment" nothing is scheduled. I've asked my students and they have not received any notification via email about any assignment.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out w/ assignments... I am able to create assignments but after they don't show up at all.

Has anyone else had this issue?

August 29, 2019



Are you not able to see the assignments yourself, or are you saying that the students can't see the assignments?

Here's an idea: Move yourself to the class, so that you also get the same notifications that the students get. That will help you monitor what reminders they are seeing.


I have never heard before that you can't respond if you are not past level 2! That does not seem fair.

  1. Make sure your students are actually activated in your class. I have had trouble if I enter their e-mail addresses myself, and even when I sit by their side and watch them click "accept" on their e-mail, sometimes it still doesn't work.

  2. Check that the due date for the assignment is not in the past? Just a thought.

  3. Did you put yourself in the class to see if you get notifications?

  4. Is there a way that your students have accidentally turned notifications off? Maybe they ignore Crying Duo one too many times? Are they getting the regular Duolingo "Time for Swahili!" notifications?

  5. Double-check the e-mails that the students put in. One misspelling means no notifications.

  6. I have my students use their school e-mail, but honestly none of them check their e-mail.

  7. Don't rely on the notifications, even when the problem is solved. Tell the students constantly in class. :)

Hope this helps!

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