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  5. "أَيْن اَلْصَّحيفة؟"

"أَيْن اَلْصَّحيفة؟"

Translation:Where is the newspaper?

August 29, 2019



Why is the ص doubled here? Is it because of اَل ?

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These letters are doubled when AL comes before them:
ت ث د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ل ن

typically when we studies those in schools as kids, they called them the "solar letters" الأحرف الشمسية (and the rest are the lunar letters الأحرف القمرية) Solar letters suck-in the "L" from AL and get doubled. Example: šams (sun) becomes aš-šams (the sun)


That's fantastic. It looks like in Breton to some extent: The definite article is usually "ar" but it becomes "al" before "L" as in "al loar" (the moon) or "an" before dentals, "H" and vowels as in "an heol" (the sun).

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Interesting indeed. I had some interest in Breton, although i couldn't find much resources for it (in English).
The key point here in Arabic (and I believe in Breton as well) is the easiness of the tongue movement. These letters (solar ones) do require quite a shift in the tongue position between the position for "L" and the next letter (say, š for example), and thus it is easier to merge L into š and thus becoming a double consonant (šš) to make the speech flow without drastic stop in the middle.


Okay, now I understood why not all the letters were thought at once! So that we get used to know the use of the word "the" just attached to any noun, but actually the last letters we just studied are all the "Sun letters" who "eat" the ل of the word ال when pronounced and all they leave just a double sound of them to sign that they "ate" the ل. Much easier to remember like this which letters they are, because when I studied this at the university too it was just a bunch of information that didn't really stayed in my long term memory, which sounds they are, but like this we can know!

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