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  5. "Paedagogi dormiunt."

"Paedagogi dormiunt."

Translation:The tutors sleep.

August 29, 2019



Evenif the most "Paedagogi" (in the classic period) were "Servi" the translation " tutor-slaves" is weird. It does not reflect the reputation and prestige of a "Paedagogus". Private teacher, private Tutor is a much better tanslation. Also educator and pedagogue could be valid translations.


Yeah, educator slave sounds way better :) (Paedagogi were slaves unlike magistri)


A tutor and educator, isn't the same? Tutor has an additional meaning of "guardian", it's really the private teacher, and the person assigned with the task of educating a child (or possibly siblings). Being a tutor is even more than being an educator, because the tutor is fully responsible for the education, and is the guardian (morality, knowledge...). Preceptor is close.



Yes, you're right in the meaning, but it's the term. Duo didn't invent it. Paedagogus and tutor-slaves are the two terms that can be found in articles, books, etc...


tutor slaves???


Yeah, Roman slaces mostly lived in households and were pretty well educated. Some would tutor the kids.

Though there were of course some that would work in fields


"tutor-slaves"? What the heck! The choices provided do not include a hyphen.


Wouldn't just tutor do?


Actually, the paedagogi page says a slave or a freedman, so tutor is in fact more general. The fact that some were slaves is not something that needs to be emphasised. Even if they all were (appaz true of gladiators) it needs not be always mentioned. Luckily they allow typing the shorter version in through the keyboard.


Freedmen were former slaves. They were generally still bound to their former masters through a patron-client relationship.


Yes, mostly slaves, and some freedmen. But freedmen were former slaves.
Probably: they started as slaves in this occupation, and doing their job very well, they were offered the freedom. It would explain why most of them were slaves, and some of them freedmen.

On the contrary, the slave thing needs to be emphasized, as either slaves, or former slaves had this occupation, no freemen born freemen. Anyway, the usage has already decided, and it's not only on Duo, but paedagogus and tutor-slaves are both used in English to refer to this same thing. If historians have chosen this term, it's because the slavery was an important point here.

Another word is more neutral, and is sometimes considered as synonym, it's praeceptor. But I believe praeceptors weren't all peadagogi, when all the peadagogi were preceptors.




… tutor-slave... I find it hilarious that their culture required a word for that.


Not all paedagogi were slaves, lol. At least according to Wikipaedia, it included freedmen.


They were all slaves or former slaves. But it's very probable that even former slaves started their career of paedagogi being a slave. You can't remove the slavery from this concept.

Oxford Latin dictionary writes this definition:


a slave who took the children to school and had the charge of them at home. (a governor, preceptor, pedagogue)


Freedmen having once been slaves still bound to their master as a client.


Slave tutors should also work


It works, but because it's a circumlocution, not the real term.


"Teachers" was to modern to be accepted but considering our salary not far from the historical precedent :)


Not even the Patrons and clients sleep! If the peadagogi don't get their acts together, they'll soon be gladiators.


Doesn't the use of "tutor-slaves" relate to "ancient Latin"?


Is your question asking if it's only found in early Latin?


A slave perhaps. I think the translation loses something when the reader doesn't realize they had the authority to wallop misbehaving beats.


Paedagogi dormiunt. C'mon Private tutor


"The paedagogi sleep" = accepted.

As the word paedagogus is often used untranslated in English, because it's a very specific and cultural thing.

I will use "paedagogus" and the plural "paedagogi" in the lessons, as it's easier.


"The slave tutor sleep" was marked wrong!!??

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