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  5. "Vir sum."

"Vir sum."

Translation:I am a man.

August 29, 2019



Is "Ego sum vir" and "Vir sum" the same?

Could I also, theoretically, write "Vir ego sum" and get the same meaning?


Same general meaning, but different emphasis. The verb at the end and no pronoun is the standard order. Moving other words to the end changes the emphasis ("I am a man"), and adding a pronoun adds emphasis ("I am a man").


You can't notice the difference in english, but you can in romance languages. For instance: Spanish

Ego sum vir = Yo soy hombre

Sum Vir= Soy hombre

Vir sum = Hombre soy

Vir ego sum = Hombre yo soy

In english you can't change the order of the words without affecting the meaning of the sentence.

PS: sorry for my bed english.


Latin is like the father of romance languages pretty much.


Love the classical "W" sound for the V -- just sayin'


A useful mnemonic is that "vir" is related to the "were" in werewolf. In old English, "were" meant a male person, man was a general word for person. Both vir and were have a common origin in Proto-Indo European, the ancestor language of both languages.


And if you are portuguese (like me) you cab remember this way:

The word "viril" means "másculo" (manly), so if you take the "il" from "viril" it's "vir"


The pronunciation here is not the best.


I hope they change the audios for a less english-accented pronunciation in the future.


I'm afraid we don't have any Ancient Romans around to record the audio, so whoever records it will have one accent or another.


I guess I'm confused (as usual) I thought "Ego" was "I" and "sum" was "am/is" so I said "Man is". I'm definitely missing something. I'm sure it will all come together with practice though.


"Ego" is "I", but pronouns aren't required in Latin, they can be deduced from the verb. "Sum" is only "am/I am", "is" would be "est".


Is vir a man as in a human being (I am a man, not a chimp), or is a man a human male (I am a man, not a woman)?


it is a man as opposed to a woman.


I write "puer sum" in Latin and Duo keeps telling me i am writing in English! 3 times now! I am stuck! How does one contact Duo, anyone?


I'm not sure why it thinks that's English, but the sentence is "vir sum", not "puer sum".

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