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"The owl goes to the forum in the evening."

Translation:Bubo vesperi ad forum it.

August 29, 2019



Any word order should be accepted here, provided that "ad forum" remains together and in that order.


I should think so, but I entered "vesperi ad forum bubo it" and it was marked wrong. Same words, different order. Can anyone explain how it is wrong?


I am yet to be convinced about Latin word order. We are told that the basic order is SOV, but that wide variations are tolerated. I have also noticed that temporal adverbials seem to come early in a sentence, where English prefers them at the end. We need more from Duo, but (so far) I think that if SOV is the "base format" then any variation from that, while accepted and acceptable, shifts the focus of the sentence and lays emphasis on the "fronted" item. So I would suggest your sentence gives a meaning more like "It is in the evening that the owl goes to the forum" (as opposed to the morning). And perhaps "Ad foro vesperi bubo it" would mean something like "It is to the forum that the owl goes in the evening". This is a tentative view, to be confirmed as we go, but I think the "freedom" of Latin may not be all it seems. We shall see.


You are right. Latin may have a great word order flexibility, but it isn't reflected in the Duolingo system. It may require the moderators to enter all the valid sentence structures for all the sentences in the course. And that may be a rather large task, especially if the word order is a flexible as they say.


Can anyone explain why "Bubo vesperi ad foro it." is wrong


“Ad” takes the accusative case so it’s object would be “forum.”

“Foro” is an ablative form.


Ehy isn't "in forum it" correct here? I thought "in" plus accusative meant movement to a place


It can indeed mean that and I’d accept it from one of my students.

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