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  5. "I have a kind father."

"I have a kind father."

Translation:Patrem benignum habeo.

August 29, 2019



Is "Habeo patrem benignum" wrong?


No, it's not wrong, please report it with the report button, in the exercise page. And let's wait.


They accepted my report.


When do you use patrem and when pater? Is there a overview somewhere of what ending to use?


The form pater is equivalent to HE (the father), and is used as the subject of verbs (Father is angry: Pater est īrātus; Father goes to the forum: Pater ad forum it). The form patrem is equivalent to (some uses of) HIM, the father, and is used as the direct object of the verb (Patrem amāmus = We love father) and as the object of some (not all!) prepositions: Ad patrem ambulāmus = We walk towards father.


Very good explanation, thank you!


Thank you! So glad to hear that it is helpful!!


I love the latin language but why the emphasis on saving ? Is it a common feature of latin life ? From whom or what are they saved ?


Well, Cicero expended a lot of effort trying to save the state from destructive citizens like Catilina, and he expended a lot of papyrus (vel sim.) talking about his efforts to do so, so "servare" seems pretty germane, to those attempts.

(And we can think of English preservation, conservation, reservation, etc.)


Let's have the "Est mihi" + dative structure accepted; way too much "habeo" with people here!


Est mihi + the nominative is accepted elsewhere (Est mihi pater benignus), so I'm not sure why it's not acceptable here. I plan to keep trying it.


Yes, but just report it. Comments are inefficient. Only reports work.


I assume that some of the people who read comments (other than moderators) may have a similar experience to mine. I post for them. (No one needs to read the comments.)


When do we use Pater and when Patrem in a sentence


Someone asked the same question on this same page, about six months ago; if you scroll "up" from here, you'll see it. (HE = pater , HIM = patrem , in brief.)


Thats not very (••) ( ••)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) "Hero's journey" of you

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