"You teach in a school."

Translation:Tu in ludo doces.

August 29, 2019



This one also has problems with 1) dropping Tu, 2) plural you (docetis) and possible 3) word order.

So, the possible answer are :

  • Tu in ludo doces.
  • Tu doces in ludo.
  • In ludo tu doces
  • In ludo doces.
  • Doces in ludo.
  • Vos in ludo docetis.
  • Vos docetis in ludo.
  • In ludo docetis.
  • In ludo vos docetis.
  • Docetis in ludo.

(actually, there can be more, but I think these are enough for now)

August 29, 2019


Do we need to report these answers one by one for them to be added as correct?

August 30, 2019


I think the fastest way is to report directly to the system of reporting. Anyway, I also think that, at the end of the day, the moderator will also read comments in the discussion like what I did. So they will see it and fix it.

August 30, 2019


I think I would argue that since word order does not really matter in latin you would only need to penalize based on spelling a string so long as all the proper strings are provided. I am not sure how the development process for Duo is though.

September 12, 2019


Each translation, including word order, has to be entered separately. But the system allows for thousands of correct translations.

September 14, 2019, 2:38 PM
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