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  5. "Pistor ebrius a foro currit."

"Pistor ebrius a foro currit."

Translation:The drunk baker runs from the forum.

August 29, 2019



Word drunk is missing from the word bank


"The drunk baker runs from the forum." was marked wrong. It wanted "The sick baker runs from the forum." instead. The right word for 'sick' would be aeger, not ebrius (as in inebriated).


Please read existing comments. As I mentioned above, this has been fixed around five days ago, but the software can take a long time to update for learners.


I gave this answer and it was marked incorrect!


there is a lag between correction and appearance for learners…


Another adjective that I believe that could be used: "drunken" instead of "drunk". And, "TO the forum" = "ad foro" vs. "FROM the forum" ("a foro")?


I can't speak definitively to your suggestion about "drunken" (though it sounds acceptible to me as a native English speaker).

For your question, you are almost correct. The preposition ad ("to", "toward(s)") takes to accusative case so "to the forum" is ad forum (not foro).

However, the second phrase is correct. The preposition a(b) ("(away) from"; the word depends on the initial sound of the subsequent word, similar to the usage of "a" vs. "an" in English) takes the ablative case so "from the forum" is a foro, which is what you wrote.

Note that if we wanted to say "from the city", we would use ab instead of simply a), i.e., a foro and ab urbe.


The sound quality could be better. A foro sound like ab horo; odd, to say the least.


Why is there a continuing "s" sound between "ebrius" and "a"? The recording sounds like "pistor ebriu sa..." Is this the same as the French liaison sound (consonant before a vowel) or just a pronunciation mistake? Thank you in advance.


I wish the voice didn't run the words together like that, but I don't know, maybe that is the correct thing to do.


Forum also means market. That's where I imagine the baker would run to.


But not necessarily in a straight line.

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