"Mos Novi Eboraci est suaviter cantare."

Translation:It is the custom in New York to sing sweetly.

August 29, 2019



Many possible word orders here are not yet marked as correct.

August 29, 2019


Just report them with "my solution should be accepted".

There are so many possible word orders that it is impossible to think of all of them. That's where we as the learners can help. :-)

Edit: This is how to deal with problems in the course: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33853120

BTW, in the meantime, I have had this "word order issue" myself with this very same sentence. You are not alone. ;-)

August 31, 2019


Since when!?

September 3, 2019


In ancient times. ;-)

September 3, 2019


Audite, recitatores!

September 13, 2019


In general, this section desperately needs improving - there are too many answers not accepted that should be and it is not fit for purpose at the moment.

September 6, 2019
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