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"Mustela arborem rapide ascendit."

Translation:The weasel rapidly climbs the tree.

August 29, 2019



On other exercises I've been penalised for putting the adjective next to the verb, this time it was for putting it at the end!

Both should be accepted. ;o) Reported.


I think you mean the adverb. This sentence doesn't contain an adjective. ;)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Probably, you haven't been "penalised". You were on an alternative solution not included yet in the database. Nobody said that you couldn't put the adjective (adverb?) next to the verb.

What was your sentence? I don't see the adverb or any adjective at the end in the suggested correction.


How to know where to place 'rapidly' in the sentence?



It's an adverb of manner.

You have several choices for the place, it depends whether you want to emphasize it.

The weasel rapidly climbs the tree.

The weasel climbs the tree rapidly.


Must proceed with great velocity.


Well, I put "rapidly" at the end of the sentence and it did not accept my answer. If it is wrong, can someone please help me understand why?


Why is swiftly not accepted? The weasel swiftly climbs the tree.

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