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First L1 "Golden" Owl and First 1000XP in a day!

I happy with my achievement - thanks to the Contributors for releasing the Latin course, to those who posted notices about it and to all of you who have chatted in the forums!

August 29, 2019



I have one more skill to go before catch that owl... or should I say parrot? ;)

But I'm too tired to that now, so I'm just writting on the forums instead... XD


I hope you've got yours by now :o)


What is the "Golden Owl"?


When you complete a tree you get an owl*. I've edited the title as rereading it today I saw it was misleading - mine's a Level 1 owl (Latin) which I thought would be golden. In my defence, it was about 0200 and I'd been busy all day, not least working hard to get to L1 in all of the Latin skills.

I don't know (if) where they appear on DL itself - I think they've been retired recently, but they do appear still on https:/duome.eu/USERNAME

Currently I have a fully visible green jumping Duo! Working on the Latin tree to see what happens when everything is at L2! Sometimes the small rewards are worth chasing ;o)

  • It used to be when you got to Level 25 in XP for that language, but the rules have changed recently


Well done!!! Have a lingot!


Thank you - good luck with your courses!

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