Trouble with place names?

As I am learning Welsh, I'd kind like using the Welsh names in the answer. I typed in Aberteifi in the answer and it auto translated to Cardigan when checked - that's great. BUT I wanted to use Abertawe in the answer instead of Swansea, but that was marked as incorrect in the check.

OK you are asking to translate Welsh to English, so strictly speaking the incorrect was correct, yet Aberteifi was auto converted. Any thoughts please?

August 29, 2019


Generally, use the Welsh placenames in Welsh and the English versions (if they exist) in English.

In a few cases, one of us may have accepted a Welsh name where it should have been translated into English.

You have not said what the sentence and your translation were, so it is hard to help further. Generally though, if Duo presents you with an alternative answer to the usual one it is because you made some mistake in your answer and it is picking what it calculates is the nearest correct alternative.

August 30, 2019


August 31, 2019
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