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"Untuk dia, tidak ada yang tidak bisa diadakan."

Translation:For her, there is nothing that cannot be procured.

August 29, 2019



Procured is not a common word.


Agreed. Also "be procured" is a bit misleading. "Mengadikan" (root word "ada"; exist) does not necessarily mean the object became the subject's possession. "Mengadikan" is closer to "to make/create", "to invent" or "to arrange/organize (like parties)".

I would simply translate as "For her, there is nothing that cannot be done".


"Untuk dia", is that like "menurut dia" in this context, or what we talking about an action being done FOR her?


I interpreted as the latter: for her benefits. "Untuk" is also translated as "in order to" if "untuk" is followed by a verb. So, you can see a purpose or a beneficiary behind the word "untuk".

Besides, the verb is "di-kan", not "di-". I believe she is the beneficiary. It's not "menurut dia" (according to her/based on her opinion).

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