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"Magistra et discipula linguas discunt."

Translation:The teacher and the student learn languages.

August 30, 2019



The "et" sounds lost to me, I listened four times and kept hearing "Magistrae discipula..."


I hear the "et," but it's blending into the end of "magistra."

So, it sounds more like one word, "magistraet."

Blending of vowels between words, or dropping final consonants or vowels happens in modern languages as well.


Seneca, Epistulae morales I, 7, 8):

«homines, dum docent, discunt». People, while they teach, learn.

Universities throughout the world have adapted it as

«docendo discimus», through teaching, we learn.


It should "linguās". This guy never pronouces the long vowels. An argument could be made for not writing out the long vowels, but not pronouncing them kinda makes the point of those who advocate for the use of macrons in written Latin too.


I translated this as 'teacher and student learn the languages', which could be correct as latin has no articles

I'm not an english native, but thought in this context I could drop the articles in both subjects, though in Latin translations the articles should basically be optional


Oceanotti: you may wish to post the URL in plain text, rather than using Markdown, so that users using the Android app can click the link.


Yeah, links don't work on Android and comments containing them just don't appear in the SDs. Shame, shame, shame.


Why can't I use study instead of learn?


The team has made a great effort to correct the audios of the course. Now most of the static and noises are gone, and pronunciation is much more clear and neat.

I cannot avoid to notice the American accent (letters as g, t and r, for example, as in the word magistra, which has all three), but it's not an issue any more, I shouldn't be so picky. Intervocalic t sounds here more like a d, and word initial t sounds similar to a tch, which confuses me some times. Also, I perceive aspiration in many consonants, like p and c (phuella instead of puella).

I sincerely appreciate the effort and admire your work!


The audio does n't work. This problem has occurred in other exercises, too.


I didn't put 'the teacher'. Just 'Teacher'

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