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"Das sind Computer ohne Monitore."

Translation:These are computers without monitors.

April 19, 2013



Why not "These computers are without monitors?"


"Das sind" is the key; "These computers are without monitors" would be "Diese Computer sind ohne Monitore".


You're welcome! Gern geschehen!


why isn't screens acceptable?


It is now ;-) Thanks!


The audio sounds like "computer (singular)" but it says the correct answer is computers. I put computers since the sentence begins with "Das sind..." but just thought the audio sounded wrong.


The plural of Computer is also Computer.


why can't i say "those computers are without monitors."


It's for the same reason that you can't say "These computers are without monitors." "Das sind" is the key. If you wanted to say "those computers", you would not be able to use "das", since das is singular. You can only use "das" for a plural meaning if using it alone with "sind".


could the "das sind" here be translated as "there are"?


That would be Es gibt


Why it is not right These computers are without monitors?


Because that means something else than "These are computers without monitors".

In your sentence, there are some computers, and you are pointing to a particular group of them and talking about "these computers". And what you say about them is that they are without monitors.

In Duo's sentence, there are some objects which haven't been the focus of conversation yet. You are pointing to them and talking about "these" -- a bit like "these things or these objects". And what you say about them is that they are computers without monitors.


I have rarely heard the word Monitor/e in Germany. I usually hear and read Bildschirm/e.

But it could be regional :-)


Possibly :) I hear both, and probably Monitor more frequently. Hamburg, in the north.


The audio doesn't pronounce the word "Monitor" right. (I'm native german and do this for fun)


I have reported it.


There are some weird phrases here that confuses me and kinda hinder the learning, cause i need to think if that even makes sense and sometimes it kinda doesnt (its better now than when i first started using the app but its still annoying)


Oh, in computer science there are plenty of scenarios that you'd want to run a headless system (or rather, a system without a monitor attached).

To do things on said system, you'd network in from another computer. Various protocols have been used--these days it is usually a mixture of SSH and Git that get used to interact with headless systems. Though SOMETIMES you use an IRC chat room to interact with them--but that is usually an indication access is a bit on the nebulous side of things.


Definitely more than one right answer to this question


I got the word scramble... uh, does the translation of "These are headless computers" work for the English side?

As that is a typical way to refer to such systems.

I will understand if Duo Lingo is shy around a term that is somewhat jargony.


How do you know if it is "these computers" as apposed to "those computers" I'm really struggling to see how you can tell and perhaps more importantly, if there is a real difference



In this case, it is neither "these computers" nor "those computers"; it is "these are computers without monitors". "Das sind" can be translated "these are" or "those are", but "these computers" would be "diese Computer". You cannot say "das Computer sind" because "das" is singular when modifying a noun directly and "sind" is plural. That would be like saying "that computer are" in English. However, "das" can be used as plural when alone with "sind", so "das sind Computer" meaning "these/those are computers" is acceptable.

I am under the impression that there is not a major distinction in German between whether you translate "das sind" as "these are" or "those are", because it seems to be used when the relative location to the speaker is not very important. You just cannot translate "das sind" literally as "that are", because English does not permit you to do so. German uses other words if relative location does matter in context.

For more information about "das sind" and similarly used phrases, I recommend reading through this older discussion thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2399665


Why cant I say that are computers without screens?


Because "that are" is not correct English -- you have to use the plural pronoun "those" instead.


My answer makes sense. It doesn't change the meaning of the sentence at all.


"Those" was wrong


Also, sind das Server denn?

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