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  5. "Ubi habitas?"

"Ubi habitas?"

Translation:Where do you live?

August 30, 2019



Why wouldn't this be habitasne. I read elsewhere that the "ne" made the word a question but why wouldn't it be used here?


ne makes it a yes or no question and is only used if there is no other question word


"-ne" is only for yes-or-no questions.

[deactivated user]

    What is the rule of pronunciation -h?


    According to what I have read (I am not an expert though), the H was pronounced in the archaic times (obviously, otherwise they wouldn't have written it) but in the Republican era it was already unpronounced, except amongst the most cultured people, and probably only when they really wanted to pronounce in a, say, sophisticated way. As you probably know, the h is silent in all the Romance languages*, leaving aside digraphs.

    *At least when it comes from a proper Latin H. For instance, it is my understanding that in some Occitan dialects the h- is aspirated like in English, but this h- comes generally from a Latin F-. FESTA > hèsta.


    What is the difference between Ubi and Unde???


    Google Translate says "unde" = whence/from where


    What is the difference between "habitas" and "habitatis"?


    Habitas> 2nd person (you) habitatis>3rd person (he,she,it)


    I've seen this question written two ways: 1)Ubi habitas?
    2)Ubi tu habitas? Is the word "tu" needed since "habitas" conveys the idea of "you"?


    It should be Habitasne

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