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Some feedback on the first "present" lesson

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A bit of feedback for the Swahili team: The "present" lesson has quite a few different themes, which makes it hard for a learner to remember what is being taught. The pronoun prefixes are difficult, as they are not similar to the pronouns themselves. It would be enough for me to practice them with just two verbs, for example to eat and to drink. As it is, the lesson presents a lot of verbs mostly without context (exception: I need a friend), and the result is that I don't remember any of them. Also, I feel that the negative prefixes could be a separate lesson, as the concept is very different from how verbs are negated in English, and it is worth focusing just on that.
Keep up the good work!

August 30, 2019

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I've now encountered the same sort of difficulty in several other Swahili lessons: The lessons include both a lot of grammar, and a lot of vocabulary. For me, this is too much. I would much prefer to focus on a smaller amount of grammar and vocabulary than to get so much at once. As it is, I find it difficult to remember anything. Less is more!

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