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  5. "اِبْن كَريم وَمُمْتاز"

"اِبْن كَريم وَمُمْتاز"

Translation:a generous and amazing son

August 30, 2019



why not an amazing and generous son

isn't generous closer to son than amazing?


Exactly! That's what I wrote: "an amazing and generous son" and it was wrong. From what I remember, the order is opposite, so you're translating from the back, the way you would read it in English and now it says, it's wrong for some reason, whereas in previous exercises the reversed order was preferred - be consistent Duo!!


The same problem with me. Is anyone going to help us?


Sophia_Eressea, Anon.User20, UmidN:

(1) "why not an amazing and generous son"

"An amazing and generous son" is ابن ممتاز وکریم.

(2) "isn't generous closer to son than amazing"

Yes, but the sentence has the وَ and the word "amazing" is attached to وَ -- "wa-mumtaaz" means "and amazing". (The actual explanation is a bit complicated. It is عطف ومعطوف عليه).

(3) "is anyone going to help us?"

Hope it helps (and there is no typo, I do this from the app!). :))


I posted a generous and "AN" amazing son 5 times and all 5 times it was wrong for me to realize it was the "AN" which was the problem ! Things DUO does


That would imply that there are two sons, one generous and the other amazing. Since there is only one son here, 'an' cannot be used after 'and'.


But why is it not: " A son, generous and amazing." Instead of "a generous and amazing son." I find these lessons so confusing.


I wrote: A kind and amazing son, and got it wrong!!!


I wrote, "my son is generous an amazing." A distinction without a difference.

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