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  5. "Pons est in urbe."

"Pons est in urbe."

Translation:The bridge is in the city.

August 30, 2019



the audio is not good at all.


I found it impossible to discern the first word. I could not hear the "p" in "pons" at all.


'There is a bridge in the city' is also correct


Pons in urbe est, Duolingo...


Pons est in urbe

Pons in urbe est

Est in urbe pons

Est pons in urbe

In urbe pons est

In urbe est pons

All goes. If one version is not accepted, report it, and it will be fixed.


No. Their sentence is right, and the most natural.

1/ The verb can be placed at the end (it's the most common case in Latin), but it's not mandatory at all.

2/ When the verb is the copula (= to be), it's more common to have it in the middle of the sentence (or even at the beginning of the sentence).

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