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  5. "Garum salsum gusto."

"Garum salsum gusto."

Translation:I taste the salty fish sauce.

August 30, 2019



"I taste the salty garum" should be accepted. Roman garum is a very special kind of a fish sauce and it doesn't have to be translated.


It is accepted! 16 Oct 2019 :)


No longer accepted 18 Feb 2021! :-(


I'm sure oriental fish sauce comes close enough. They are all over the internet from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and China. As far as I can see, they are all made from various fermented fish in salt, with sundry herb flavourings. Now all I need to know is how and when to use them.


It appears to me (but I am not an English native speaker) that the officially correct translation refers to "a sauce made of salty fish", with the adjective "salty" apparently referred to the fish, while the concept of "Garum salsum gusto" is that what I taste is a sauce made of fish and that such a sauce happens to be salty (but could also be tasteless). Therefore, shouldn't be more correct to translate "Garum salsum gusto" as "I taste the fish salty sauce", with the adjective "salty" refferred to the sauce?


"I taste the salty fish sauce." can mean either that the fish sauce is salty or that the sauce is made of salty fish. You can't separate two connected nouns with the meaning of "of" with an adjective. You can use a participle to separate it though. Look at "a spicy tomato ketchup". You can't say "a tomato spicy ketchup" but you can say "a tomato based spicy ketchup".

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I believe that garum is by definition salty


Ankhi hello! The meaning you say would be in English-the salty fish’s sauce and there’s also - the fish’s salty sauce Perhaps it’s the salty garum the best translation


"The salty fish’s sauce" means that the sauce is owned by a salty fish. "The fish's salty sauce" means that the owner of the salty sauce is the fish. Neither describe the sauce as being made of salty fish or being salty and made of fish.


Garum and Fish sauce are Salty Nuoc man not accepted


Although it is similar to garum nuoc mam is a Vietnamese fish sauce, not all fermented fish sauces are the same.


i accidentally put "I taste he salty fish sauce". oops.


"I taste salty fish sauce..." - accepted response and also a line out of the worst detective movie you have never scene


So, nuoc man is not Latin... it was a joke !

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