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Common unifying language

Since all Romance languages evolved from ancient Latin, I would think if people wanted a common language Latin would be perfect.

What is missing in the language why did it die ?


Maybe it did not really die like all languages because of time it just evolved to something that can no-longer be called Latin ? French, Spanish, Italian ..... are all dialects in a way.

August 30, 2019



In some professions it still (probably more so in Europe). A friend of mine who is a dentist studied Latin as a compulsory part of her training. She told me she had to send a report to a French collegue. She doesn't know French so she sent it in Latin. I was really surprised that Latin is still actually used in a practical way by people outside the Vatican.


latin is really alive: you can hear nowadays too: "manus manum lavat" or " quod licet jovi, non licet bovi" or "si tacuisses, filosophus mansisses" etc.


There is an active Latin speaking community of an estimated ~10.000 speakers (that can hold a simple conversation). Many more are in the process of studying it as a living language.


yes, I would love Latin to become an Universal language. I would totally learn it to completion.


There was an attempt to to create a Latin international auxiliary language by dropping all the inflections from Latin, Latino sine flexione, and there are also other similar IALs such as Interlingua_and _Interlingue,also based on the Romance languages.

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