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"Marcus dormit, sed non scribit."

Translation:Marcus sleeps, but does not write.

August 30, 2019



Some people doesn't write in their sleep? How? Why?


Does this sentence make sense? One would never say this in English. Instead of 'but', 'and' would be used. Marcus dormit et non scribit. Examples from Orberg which makes more sense (to me, at least): "Mater non te, sed me interrogat.". Or "Rhenus non est fluvius parvus, sed fluvius magnus."

I write this as a question from a beginner, not as one with authority and knowledge in the subject, so please, experts, please clarify!


The sentence does not make sense. "Sed" is not used this way.


I have seen "sed" translated as "rather" and in differing manuscript readings substitute "vel" and "sed" (in my limited philological forays). I can understand "d" and "l" in cursive, but "v" and "s" are distinct, so it may be semantic or syntactic. clarification anyone?


I suppose if I hired him to write and part of the deal was a room for naps, I could see myself saying this.


I heard "Marcus dormit." So I clicked on the buttons marked "Marcus dormit." Then I learned it was wrong, because the full line was "Marcus dormit, sed non scribit." But there was just a long enough pause between the sentences that I thought it was done half-way through. And once I started clicking on the words, the playback ceased.


"All I do is write and sleep all day."

"Marcus sleeps, but doesn't write"

There you go


Q: Marcus, the famous author, what does he do all day?

According to William Whitaker's online Latin resource, sed: CONJ

A: Marcus sleeps, but, but also; yet; however, but in fact/truth; not to mention; yes but;

... does not write.



Is this some idomatic expression or something? He sleeps but doesn't write doesn't make sense


duolingo sentences never make sense


Why oh why do they not make an effort and give sentences that actually make sense?? This one is a downer that almost turned me off.


Why is this nonsensical? Do you write in your sleep?


I wrote the correct answer but the sound was not clear. Instead of sed, it sounded like et after a number of repeated soundings.


Would not let me write answer. Kept saying I was typing in English even though I was not?


Algum outro falante de português achando latim fácil?


Eu aqui. O português se originou do latim vulgar, então não é de se estranhar que latim pareça familiar pra nós.

Me. The Portuguese language is originated from Vulgar Latin, so it's not a surprise Latin sounds familiar to us.


Sim, mas a pronúncia é um problema. Poderiam prestar mais atenção às consonantes.

Yes, but the pronunciation is a problem. There should be more care for the consonants.


the sound is not clear. sed sounds more like et


I wrote doesn't instead of does not and it marked me wrong


The "non" part of the sentence is hard to hear. Mabe its just me though.


This sentence only has sense if Marcus is sleepwalking and uses to write meanwhile.

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