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  5. "The men sleep."

"The men sleep."

Translation:Viri dormiunt.

August 30, 2019



I notice in other questions that this course is rejecting homo, hominis as a translation for man. I get it -- "vir" is more strongly-gendered than "homo" (though I think it's misleading to claim that "homo" is always natural-gender neutral) -- but is there any reason I shouldn't start reporting "homo" as a suggested alternate translation.


Vir is a noun and singular = man. Viri is the plural noun = men. Vir/viri may just be an irregular noun as is man/men in the English language.


It is one of the regular nouns... It's the second masculine declesion.


The plural form of filia is filiae (a...ae) The plural form of filius is filii (us...i) The plural form of donum is dona (um...a)

The plural form of soror is sorores, frater...fratres But vir is changed into viri, what is the pattern here?

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