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"Your daughters live in Italy."

Translation:Filiae tuae in Italia habitant.

August 30, 2019



Could one also say "Filiae tuae Italiae habitant."?


Since Italia isn't a city, town, small island, or one of the 'lucky' nouns that gets to use the locative, I don't think that would correct (at least wouldn't have the same meaning).


Makes sense. It's tricky to know which nouns the locative case could be applied. It's pretty straightforward usually though.


Just think towns/cities = locative.

We say that small islands also use the locative. This is because small islands in roman times would typically have one town on them, and be named after that town. Hence the rule that town = locative applies.


When do we use in and when not?


EXACTLY!! I don't know that either but I need/want to know.



There are two ways to talk about places the actions is taking place without movement involved in Latin:

  • for names of cities, towns, and small islands (plus a handfuk of common nouns like "domus"): we use the name of said city/town/island in locative case

    • Your daughters live in Rome => "in Rome" = where the "action" is taking place without movement involved + Rome is the name of a city => we use the locative of "Roma", which is "Romae" => Filiae tuae Romae habitant
  • for every other case, we use the preposition "in" followed by the noun in the ablative case

    • Your daughters live in Italy => "in Italy" = where the action is taking place without movement involved + "Italy" is not a city or an island => we use the preposition "in" followed by the ablative form of "Italia" which is "Italia" => Filiae tuae in Italia habitant.


I had "in Italia habitant filiae tuae" and was marked wrong? I thought word order was relatively free (allowing different emphasis)?



Definitely not the most common word order but your sentence is correct. You can flag it by clicking the "Report" button for that answer to be added in the database.


Is locative for towns and cities listed in tips at all?


Ugh!! When do we use "in italia" and when do we just use "italia"?!


My answer is exactly the same as your correct answer!!! So why is it wrong????

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