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  5. "Quot triclinia habetis?"

"Quot triclinia habetis?"

Translation:How many dining rooms do you have?

August 30, 2019



A triclīnium is also a couch used in a dinning room. I wonder if this definition should also be recognized.


Is that all? I have VII...


What's the etymology of triclinium?


Greek word κλινη (Klinê):
tri-, "three", + κλίνη, klinē, a sort of "couch" or rather chaise longue

They used to eat, like in Peplum movies, sitting on a"chaise longue" not on a chair.

How it was placed:
Triclinum 1

Use of triclinum

Note, the "normal" position to eat, during more than 1000 years, was lying down. It changed with the new christian religion, as eating lying down was probably associated with debauchery, and a lack of dignity.

Under Napoleon, eating lying down came back, with "méridienne". (They are not "chaise longues", as "chaise longue" in modern French is a beach sun longer)

Méridienne Napoléon
Méridienne Napoléon.


Note that this was most likely only true amongst the aristocracy and nobles, but we have a lack of any evidence of other practices. But then if the plebeians ate sitting down with food in their lap, they wouldn't leave much evidence of it. And frescoes almost always depicted the life of the aristocracy.


How many do you need?


well i have yet to visit a house that counts more than one dinning room


What's the difference between ''Triclinium'' and ''Cenaculum'' since both are translated as: ''Dining room''?

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"Dining room" is a bit of a misnomer with "triclinium" since that's really just an arrangement of three (tri) lounge chairs (clinium) for the purpose of eating. "Cenaculum" is an actual room per se.

Other comments on this page provide details as to what a triclinium is.


Um... Let's see...one?... How many do you have?


None, we eat in the kitchen


How many do I need? do I need more than one? If you are inviting lots of people to your house don't get more dining rooms, get a bigger one

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