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  5. "My brothers sleep."

"My brothers sleep."

Translation:Fratres mei dormiunt.

August 30, 2019



Attributive Possessive is more emphatic unless bracketed by two other sequenced Adjectives.

Latin Word OrderVerb PositionsThoughtcoLatin Word Order

[ mea culpa ] versus [ culpa mea ] contrastively proclaims who is the cause, who is at fault, nobody else is guilty for my actions, I am owning up to my culpability.

Mei fratres dormiunt. • My ( versus : your, her, his, our, their - contrastive emphasis - brothers other than mine are purposefully excluded )

Adjective Sequences: [ The giant red spot of the planet Jupiter ]; An intriguing, miniature, complex design, ancient, gilt, Hellenistic, gold alloy, purposefully ornate fibulaFībula De Braganza

Adjective Word Order 1. Determiner • 2. Observations • 3. Size • 4. Shape • 5. Age • 6. Color • 7. Origin • 8. Material • 9. Qualifier


The link and explanation are very useful, but what "Attributive possessive is more emphatic unless brackted by 2 other sequenced adjectives" does mean?


I have no idea what you just said, but i agree


Frātrēs meī dormiunt.


"mei fratres dormiunt" should also be fine - as in 'mea culpa'

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