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  5. "The actors do not cook."

"The actors do not cook."

Translation:Histriones non coquunt.

August 30, 2019



Histrio, histrionis is a perfectly acceptable answer.

So is "actor, actoris"


I deleted my stupid answer to correct it, and this deletion also Colin's answer (Sorry Colin, I didn't know how it works.)

So Colin said, I think: histrionis is genitive singular, here it's nominative plural.

Could you explain me why histrionis is also right, as I didn't understand.


If I had to guess, tzzandrew is saying that the word choice of "histrio" is valid, but the word "actor" should also be a valid choice. He provided the dictionary entry for both words, and I do not believe he is intending to list out the grammatical form of the words (or else he wouldn't have posted the two forms). Typical dictionary entry for 3rd declension nouns is nominative singular, genitive singular. "Histrionis" is not a valid grammatical form for this sentence.

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