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  5. "The two sisters are in Rome."

"The two sisters are in Rome."

Translation:Duae sorores sunt Romae.

August 30, 2019



Duae sorores Romae sunt is incorrect?


No, you would be correct. There are many sentences that are marked incorrect when you put the verb at the end. They should not be marked incorrect. People are reporting them, I am sure they will be fixed soon.


it is still marked wrong so I am reporting again.


What about "Duae sorores in Romae sunt"?


You may have already found out why by now, but for some who may not yet know:

Romae is the locative case and is not used with the preposition in.

Just to note that the locative case is only used with names of cities, towns, small islands (usually contain only one city or town), and a handful of other nouns like domus. All other nouns would make use of a preposition (like in with the ablative).


Thanks for this. I was under the impression you could say either "romae" or "in roma." But I guess for cities, etc you must use the locative?


Yes, you must use the locative.


Romae = In Rome. Similarly, it happens with other places. Ex. Italiae = In Italy.



Locative exists only for names of cities and small islands (along with a handful of common nouns like "domus").

  • So "In Rome" => "Romae" because Rome is a city and as such uses the locative case
  • But "In Italy" => "In Italia" because Italy is neither a city nor an island but a country and, as such, does not use the locative case. To "replace" it, we use the preposition "in" followed by ablative.


Yes, it's correct. You can move the verb in Latin.


You have to know it changes a bit the meaning, changing the emphasis of some words.

Usually the verb comes at the end of the sentence.

But moving the verb elsewhere is also correct.

And "to be" is an exception, this word is more common in the middle of the sentence (or at the beginning).


I was taught as a child, many years ago, to put verb at the end in classical latin.


Verbs in general tend to come at the end in Latin, but that does not mean they cannot be found elsewhere or that it is not common for verbs like esse to be found mid sentence.


Duae sorores in Romae sunt : is wrong.


It is, because in is not used with the Locative.

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