Any recommendations on Memrise courses for Welsh?

Hi everyone!

I've seen that there is a number of Welsh courses on Memrise and I was wondering if anyone here would have recommendations about which courses are more interesting, or complete or fun in order to learn some Welsh. I prefer courses with audio but if there are any good courses without audio I am not completely against :-)

Thanks in advance!

August 30, 2019


Memrise Decks has the complete Mynediad course with audio and the complete Sylfaen course. I also like 150 Welsh verbs for everyday conversation. There are lots more if you search around. Some people have put in vocabularies for particular books.

August 31, 2019

Hi, Sue. thanks for the recommendations! yes, I know there are lots, that's why I needed some guidance :-) thanks again!

September 1, 2019

Thanks for the 150 verbs recommendation!

September 3, 2019

The ones that go with the first 15 units of each of the new DysguCymraeg Mynediad A1 courses are:

I think that the second parts are still being worked on.

The new Mynediad A1 course books (bright yellow covers, not the orange covers of the older ones) are now available, too. The new Sylfaen A2 course books are expected to be available in about December 2019.

There is also a series of reading books for learners on the DysguCymraeg courses at all four levels - Cyfres Amdani - The Mynediad books have a yellow logo, the Sylfaen books a green logo. The books in the older series Ar Ben Ffordd are still available.

September 1, 2019

I didn't know that there was a new course. Thank you!

September 1, 2019

Thank you very much. That's a lot of useful things! It is very kind of you. Bye for now!

September 3, 2019

Thanks! I didn't know about that particular fersion gogledd.

September 3, 2019

I did a Cwrs Mynediad one on Memrise based on the gogledd version of the books that I enjoyed and really practiced some useful everyday phrases and vocabulary. The southern versions are more extensive, however.

I also enjoyed going through the Welsh rugby terms course - very short and no audio, but I love rugby, so I found it a nice little vocabulary boost.

September 3, 2019
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