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  5. "Placetne vobis anulus meus?"

"Placetne vobis anulus meus?"

Translation:Do you like my ring?

August 30, 2019



"Do you like my anus?"

...I know you were thinking it


Anus is a circular muscle, it comes from it.

[deactivated user]

    Both the lips and anus are sphincters.


    I wonder if my finger fits in there


    I'm putting that on r/Cursedcomments.


    Shouldn't it be "do you all like my ring?" (Reported)


    Yes, it's a "you" plural, form "vos", but the "all" is optional. Do you like my ring is also correct.

    Singular you "tu", would be "Placetne tibi".


    Yes it is plural, but it is an English issue to say "you all" or just "you".

    "You" is more natural but does not convey the info about the plural. "You all" is clearer about the plurality but is not better translation than "you" alone.

    Moreover, there could be cases where a plural you do not involve all, but a plural subgroup. Like even you say ""both of you" or a number greater than one. For example, someone could have said to the Titanic crew and passengers "in the event of a shipwreck there will only be emergency boats for half of you". That's plural but not an all inclusive plural.

    Be as it may, "you all" is used in English to mark the plural second person, specially when translating from a language with a plural second person pronoun or verb. It is a convention, but it's not mandatory.

    IMO, this exercise's translation and many others don't need the "all". You may add it, it would be fine and useful to better identify the plural form, but probably never the best or most preferred translation. Of course if you report it is OK and should be eventually included, but it is for educational and linguistic purposes and not the most natural or common way of saying it.


    The question is - Does Prince Albert like it?


    anulus or annulus?

    I thought it would be annulus as in an "annular eclipse".


    In an annular eclipse, the edge of the Sun appears as a ring around the Moon. So, yes...


    Though, these days an annulus implies a flat ring rather than a finger ring or otherwise.


    Why isn't the answer "Do you like my ring to you? Since vobis is to you?


    Placetne vobis means "is it pleasing to you all?"


    Is my ring pleasing to you all? was marked wrong though it is technically correct. Even if it is a terrible translation...


    it is a terrible translation

    There you go -- that's probably why it was marked wrong.

    Translate into good English.

    (Also, as soon as you have to say "technically", you've pretty much lost the argument already -- it's probably not a reasonable translation.)

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