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"This cookie is in the market."

Translation:Hoc crustulum in foro est.

August 30, 2019



I got a multiple choice here: 1. Hoc vinum est in foro. 2. Hoc vinum in foro est. 3. Hoc crustulum in foro est. From my point of view, both 1 and 2 should be accepted, yet The Owl will only accept 1. For future, how do I report mistakes like this (id est, which entry from the report mistake do I pick?).


I suggest taking a screenshot, and posting a thread in the general forum (or mailing them). Because, when you say, "I had this error", and no screenshot, there is always the possibility you didn't notice a little difference, or at least, there's a doubt. With a screenshot no problem.$


Options 1 and 2 refer to 'vinum', but (at least according to the sentence at the top of this thread) it should be 'crustulum'. So only option 3 is correct.


Why hoc and not hic?


Shouldnt est in foro be acceptable


Some kind of euphemism?


Because the dictionary form of the word is "crustulum" not "crustulus". The word belongs to the second declensions group and is a neuter.


Why crustulum instead of crustula?


Crustulum is singular, crustula is plural. We were translating the singular.

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