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"The mother visits Marcus daily."

Translation:Cotidie mater Marcum visitat.

August 30, 2019



I'm still confused as to when to use Marcum versus Marcus.


"Cotodie Marcum visitat mater" was marked incorrect.


Because it is. You're saying that Marcus visits mother daily, which is incorrect. The statement says that mother visits Marcus daily.


Why does cotidie come first, when it is the last word in the translated sentence? I typed, "mater cotidie Marcus visitat".


I think your response was gotten wrong because Marcus should be accusative. To my knowledge (which is certainly not too reliable), cotidie can be placed anywhere and it doesn't need to be capitalised.


I think your translation should be fine in the real world. For this problem though, "Cotidie" was given to us capitalized and thus had to be the first word in the sentence.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


Capitalized words do not have to be the first words in duolingo, what counts is that the formed sentence be valid and that it be added to the "correct answer database", that meaning that it has to be added manually (or that's what I've read).


"Mater Marcum cotidie visitat" was marked right


"Marcum cotidie mater visitat" was also wrong. Maybe it is not the expected order, but "wrong"?


"Mater cotidie visitat Marcum" was also marked wrong but it is all about word order, which they say it is not important.


Don't take that as the full truth. It does matter in a few cases, just not in a lot of them. I do not know for certain if this is one of the exceptions, though.


Boy! I can't Wait to tackle Caesar now!
Caesar Matrem Visitat. I sincerely hope these lessons get better because if I hadn't already taken Latin, I'd be lured into a false sense of security and thought i was learning Real Latin! Pft!


You also marked my cotidie marcum visitat mater wrong, quite wrongly I think.

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