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  5. "Ego pugnare non debeo."

"Ego pugnare non debeo."

Translation:I should not fight.

August 30, 2019



You may also consider a translation along the lines of: "I am under no obligation to fight."


I can't remember: is there another more specific way to say "I must not..."? I studied Latin in high school and I have a very vague memory about this type of verbs...


You're probably thinking of gerundive:

mihi non est pugnandum (~ to me it is not to fight)

Gerundive overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7wSUmW9VjA

Or necesse, but it cannot be negated (as far as I understand):

necesse est mihi pugnare (it is necessary for me to fight)


There is "me oportet", it behoves me. So you can write "Pugnare me oportet", It behoves me to fight. Presumably "Non pugnare me oportet" would mean "It behoves me not to fight", and "Non oportet me pugnare" would mean "It does not behove me to fight". It is also possible to write "Pugnare necesse est mihi", It is necessary for me to fight, and "Pugnare non necesse est mihi", It is not necessary for me to fight.


One could also have "Ego pugna/pugnis/a pugna/a pugnis abstinere debeo", I must abstain from fighting/a fight/the fight/fights.


Please write out one hundred times Pugnare non debeo you 'orrible little discipulus, you.


How do you distinguish between "I must not fight" and "I do not have to fight"? Is there anything wrong with "Ego non pugnare debeo"?


I too was wondering about whether there is a way to express the difference between "i must not fight" and "I do not have to fight". Latin word order was flexible but perhaps in this instance the position of "non" changes the meaning. Does anyone know?


Why is it not "Pugno non debeo?"


Is "I don't have to fight" not better? "I shouid not fight" has a moral connotation, and according to "debeo" that is not meant.


Finally something a bit pacifist for a change


I know, it's always about throwing fish on tables or punching an inebriated parrot or a teacher hitting an undutiful student.


Could I move the non? Ego non pugnare debeo.?


Dŏmĭni! complecto te sŏdālĭcio pugnae. Rēgulă primă sŏdālĭcĭi pugnae: Nōlĩte loquĭ de sŏdālĭcĭo pugnae.


Unless it's with a drunk and deceitful parrot..


I need to sell bread...

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