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  5. "Corinna teaches students."

"Corinna teaches students."

Translation:Corinna discipulas docet.

August 31, 2019



Both discipulas and discipulos are right.


I thought discipuli is the correct plural term for the students. Im still trying to figure out cases, can someone help me understand why it would be discipulos/discipulas and not discipulim


'Discipuli' is masculine nominative plural. Here you need the accusative, since 'the students' are a direct object (i.e., the students are taught). Since 'students' has no gramatical gender in English, both 'discipulos' (masculine) and 'discipulas' (femenine) are right, since they are accusative plural. For more declensions of 'discipulus', please check: http://latindictionary.wikidot.com/noun:discipulus


Since there isnt a gender neutral term for the case of a mixed gender situation wouldnt 'discipulos' be the default? It seems to be in other sentences.


The ending -im does not exist in Latin, so far as I know.


The ending -im does exist, although it is not seen very often. It appears in the accusative case of some words from the third declension such as puppis or navis.


I've been feeling really good about my understanding of Latin up until this segment. Now - while I have a handle on the base words - I am getting constantly flummoxed by word endings. I'm getting quite frustrated, as this section of the course feels a lot like being thrown into the deep end. Can anyone recommend any sources for understanding why certain words end differently? I'm talking real basics here, since Duolingo is my first experience of trying to learn Latin.


https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI76N29qybf8a9pkSzD9X0PX3a3PgO2_- This^ is an intoductory Latin course that starts with the relevant grammar in English and then explains the Latin basics quite well.

latindictionary.wikidot.com This^ is a very helfpul website full of charts for declensions and conjugations. Just search an english or latin word in the index and click on it.


Is discipuli not appropriate for plural students of mixed gender?


It is right, but "discipuli" is the Nominative case, in this sentence, it's in accusative case, so the correct form is "discipulos" or "discipulas".


Thank you for the explanation. I'm still foggy about grammar, as I only have the mobile app with mostly offline lessons. My internet is unsatisfactory.


why not dative "to" the students? then whatever she teaches would be accusative (sp accusitive??)


Because "doceo" has a double accusative regime. In Spanish (it is my native language) these accusative are called "acusativo de cosa" (accusative of matter or thing I suppose) and "acusativo de persona" (accusative of person). In this case "discipulas" or "discipulos" is the "acusativo de persona" and the matter or thing is not specified.


Discipulae is wrong in this case??


Yes, because "discipulae" is nominative. In this sentence it needs to be in accusative, so it's "discipulas"


discipulas discipulos

both are correct. It says I have a typo at the moment, but I don't...


Why not discipulos


It is possible too.


I figured it would be that way


Feel free to report. This course is still in beta.


How am supposed to know that the students are female?


Hope there is no Psittacus Iratus, the assassin, lurking among those students...


Whyyyy???? How in the heaven will I know if the sentence refers to male or female. I feel frustrated about this section.


Does not specify that the students need to be female at all.


I can't pass this lesson, because my correct answers continue to be marked incorrect. I have screenshots of my correct answers and have no way of attaching them. Anyone have suggestions?


If I was in ancient Rome, they'd know what I said, even if it was incorrect.

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