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"The mouse tries to grab the food."

Translation:Mus cibos captat.

August 31, 2019



should be "cibum captat", food is in the accusative.


It seems it's accusative plural. In English it would be the same either way, but I suppose 'cibum' is a specific item of food and 'cibōs' is multiple or just food in general.


Cibum is not an uncountable noun in Latin. So the plural won't mean that you have several kind of food, but the meaning is rather "dishes" when using the plural, and "food" when using the singular.

But, in many examples, with Latin sentences from the literature, they seem to use either the singular or the plural, to mean "food".


Shouldn´t it be ¨Mus cibum captare conatur?¨


They explained on this forum, that the meaning of "conatur" is included in "captare".


Aut cibum murem captat?

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