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Down votes in a bulk?

A while ago I checked on discussions, I follow... especially about the newly released (beta) version of Latin - Many thanks for the new release, by the way :-)

One thing I noticed while scrolling to the newest entries.... there were quite a lot of negative votes on some. I read all of those threads; I could not see any reason why they should have been down- voted (the ones I thought were okay, I up-voted (they are back to zero))

What I also noticed was, that around those threads mentioned before - several short entries by the same member (bot?) showed up (with negative votes). Looks a little fishy.

August 31, 2019



Thanks, as well. I did look at your link.... good to know. Worth a lingot.


Oh. What is the user's name? It may just be a child, you know. Just take into mind...

1.) Their name (does it sound weird or suspicious, such as BOT or HACK, this is most probably a bot. If it looks normal enough, it may be a spammer)

2.) Their language levels (this may sound mean but usually the spammers are people who just made accounts for that reason, so their levels are usually low. If the account has no XP gained, no streak, or even a language, it's probably a bot)

3.) The comments (if it's the same/similar on each post, it probably is a bot. If they're differing from post to post, but the same user, it's probablt a spammer)

4.) What they're saying (bots tend to say things in different languages, sometimes advertising strange products. The most common language I've seen a bot using is Korean. If it's English, and just plain mean, then perhaps it's a user)

5.) Replies (if a user replies to the mean or weird comment, which you probably shouldn't, the bot's never reply. A spammer will, so take note)

6.) Profile pictures (if it's a real-life photo or depicts a real-life object or creature, then it may just be a spammer. If the picture is blank or has a weird picture such as a bot, it may jut be a bot. Sorry to offend anyone who has a blank or robot profile picture, but it's nearly always true.

That's all I remember being told to look out for, but if anyone has any others to add, feel free! I hope this helps you decide if it's a bot Oldsparky57


Thanks for your input... I will keep this in mind. Take a lingot


This has been an ongoing problem on Duolingo since I got here nearly 3 years ago. Duolingo either doesn't care enough to fix it or doesn't know how to fix it.

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